Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids

An Easy Choice- Christmas Gift Baskets For Kids

If you have kids, you know that Christmas can be exhausting, rewarding, magical and completely frustrating, all at once especially when it comes to deciding on the most appropriate gift for them for the festive season. 

I don't know about you but I really had a hard time every year in deciding on what to buy for my 2 kids. If you were to  ask them what they wish for, you could bet that they would make sure you get a list of all the things that they wanted. 

That's where the headache begins. How could I possibly satisfy them all and combining them all into one single gift. 

This is where Christmas Gift Basket for Kids comes to your rescue! 

These are a bundle of stuff that are popular among kids. They are all packed and wrapped up into one gift basket. Just pick one and you are all ready to go. 

You can make them yourself – get a basket and fill it with all sorts of nifty things your kids will love. But there are also a whole lot of pre-packed ones available, and any one of them could suit your kids.

 Christmas Gift Baskets for Kids Ideas

This one, called “The Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Package”, is pretty amazing. 

As you can see, it has an awesome collection of yummy treats, fun activities, card games, balls, play doh and crayons. 

This is bound to keep them busy for a while during the long afternoon lull that inevitably happens on Christmas day between the presents and the dinner. It’s pretty exciting and interesting. 

In a similar vein, this one is an arts and crafts package.

It’s pretty nifty! It has all sorts of fun creative things for your kids to play with and make and draw. 

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind finding that under my tree! And I’m a grown up! There are hours of endless fun to be had, in one package. Paint and chalk and crayons – you name it!

There are also more specific gift baskets. If your child has a particular interest or hobby, it is very likely that you will find a package aimed specifically at that interest or hobby. 

Here’s one I just adore:
It’s a gift basket for frog lovers. It includes a cuddly frog toy, a book about “The Icky Sticky Frog”, various toys and activities, and it all comes in the coolest frog shaped basket! 

This one is a winner for any child who loves all things amphibian. There are plenty of other similarly themes baskets, so have a look and see if you can find something to suit your child. 

And of course, there are the old standards – gift baskets based on all your kids’ favourite book and tv characters. My little guy is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, so I couldn’t resist this:
It has toys and activities and goodies galore! He would love it. There are also gift baskets themed on Dora the Explorer, Disney princesses, Cars, and all sorts of other things. Whatever characters your kids love, there is bound to be something for them.

The thing I love about this idea is that for a child it feels like a double present! You open it, and then you get the joy of taking each individual item out and enjoying it! If you pick carefully and make sure you choose something you know your child will love, this can be an excellent option for an under tree filler gift. Plus it has the advantage of keeping your children happy and occupied while you have your Christmas afternoon snooze in preparation for the amazing dinner!